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Lake Shore Police Department

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Law Enforcement Officers 50 State Permit to Carry

President George W. Bush signed the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004 (H.R 218) into law in 2004. The purpose of this act was to put more armed police officers on the street without an additional burden on the taxpayers.

This act gives current and retired law enforcement officers the ability to obtain a 50 state permit to carry. This permit must be renewed annually.

Each officer, retired or current, is required to pass a police handgun qualification course. The qualification can be administered by any state certified Permit to Carry instructor.

To qualify as a retired officer, the applicant must have been a licensed Peace Officer, and had to serve in a law enforcement capacity for a minimum of 15 years, and retired in good standing.

The qualification standards for H.R. 218 can be viewed at www.post.state.mn.us.


(Information provided courtesy of MN Personal Safety Training, LLC)

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