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Lake Shore Police Department

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Lake Shore Police House Watch Program

House Watch is a program designed to provide peace of mind to Lake Shore residents while they are away from home for extended periods of time. Officers from the Lake Shore Police Department will physically check a resident’s home during an absence. Information provided makes it possible for Officers to contact them, or their designated key holder, in the event that the residence may need attention. The Lake Shore Police Department can not guarantee the safety of a resident’s home in their absence, but can provide additional security.

Note: The housewatch program excludes apartments and/or condominiums.

To request a house watch , please fill out the form below at least 5 days prior to leaving. You will receive an email acknowledging your request. In the event you do not receive a confirmation email with in the 5 days, or you need a last minute house watch, please call the Lake Shore Police Department at 1-800-450-2677. You may also go to the Lake Shore Police Department and fill out a house watch request in person.


First Name
Last Name
Address 1
Zip Code
Email Address*
Number you can be reached during your absence
Where will you / owner be?
Date and time leaving
Date and time returning
Will you leave any lights on?
Yes No
If Yes, please state which lights are on:
Will there be a vehicle left at your home?
(NOTE: If the vehicle is in your garage or not otherwise visible to an officer, please skip this field):
Yes No
If Yes, please describe the vehicle(s) for us:
Are there any dogs left on property?:
Yes No
Paper stopped?
Yes No
Mail stopped?
Yes No
Will walk and drive be plowed/shoveled while gone?
Yes No
Have neighbors been alerted?
Yes No
Emergency Contact Person
Emergency Contact Number
Will anyone have an extra key to your home?:
Yes No
If Yes, who has a key?
Name of Person who has the key
Phone of Person who has a key
Will this person have cause to be in or at your house (i.e.watering plants, etc.)
Yes No
If yes, please answer the following:
Description of Person who has the key (Approx. age, gender, hair color, height, etc)
Description of of Person's Vehicle(s) (Make, Model, Color) who has a key
Additional People who may have a key to your house and permission to be there:
Other special requests, information or comments:
By submitting this form, I understand that the Lake Shore Police Department cannot keep my residence, business, or other property under surveillance 24 hours a day.
I therefore, absolve the Lake Shore Police Department of any responsibility and/or liability should my residence, business, or any other property be entered abd a loss of or damage occur.
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