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The City of Lake Shore, Minnesota, a city with 1,037 year round residents, grows to a population of nearly 3,000 during the summer months. For a map of our city, please click here.

One reason for this warm weather "population explosion" is the SEVEN enticing lakes within its boundaries. However, it is not just the beautiful scenery and lakeshore that attracts people to Lake Shore. It is the friendly people.

Our 18 square mile city is located in Cass County, 4 miles west of the intersection of Highway 371 and County Road 77 in Nisswa.

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2017

CSAH 77 (Interlachen Road) IMPROVEMENTS

Cass County, City of Lake Shore, MN

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Temporary closure of Fritz Loven Park Trails for storm damage clean up

Beginning late July /early August, the 3 kilometers of natural trails within the Fritz Loven Park in the city of Lake Shore will be temporarily closed for tree removal.

These lands were devastated in historic proportions by a high wind event that occurred on August 4, 2016, which left approx 30% of the acreage with severe timber damage. In compliance with the city’s new Forest Management Plan, some timber is being removed to reduce the risk of bug infestation, disease, stress on trees from future winds and, of course, wildfires.

The storm-damaged timber will be harvested, including aspen, ash, basswood, jack pine and paper birch, while reserving healthy red oak, bur oak, maple and coniferous trees wherever possible. Based on the recommendation of a forester, the most severe areas of the lands will be clear cut because nearly all of the trees are tipped or snapped off. Trees will be processed on site and all slash will be chipped into biomass. 

A buffer zone along Stony Brook, a Minnesota DNR designated trout stream, will be protected.

The goal of the city of Lake Shore’s Forest Management Plan is to maintain and protect the scenic, natural habitat and riparian/aquatic values of the land and restore the lands to continue to allow low-impact recreational and educational activities. The park lands, along with the adjoining property of Shea and Evan Johnson, are protected by a conservation easement through the Minnesota Land Trust. It is the intent of the conservation easement to permanently protect the natural, scenic and open qualities of the properties.

In addition to the city of Lake Shore and the Johnson’s, this trail project impacts 2 other private land owner’s properties — of which the trails also run through, and an additional 2 adjoining land owner’s parcels — who have granted access to expedite the harvest.

During this tree harvest period, only the trail system will be closed. Lake Shore’s Fritz Loven Park will remain open. The park encompasses 80 acres and offers an accessible fishing pier, a picnic pavilion complete with picnic tables, electrical outlets and outdoor grills, a playground, and restrooms.

The Lake Shore Park & Recreation Committee will re-establish and open the trails once it is safe and free of heavy equipment. When this is possible, signs and barricades at the trail entrances will be removed and Fritz Loven Park Trails will again be available for hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.


If you have questions about this upcoming project, please contact the city of Lake Shore at (218) 963-2148.

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